On January 26th, 2016, Textilcord Steinfort SA, belonging to the Glanzstoff Industries Group, celebrates its 50 years of establishment in Luxembourg, in the presence of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Mrs. Francine Closener, Secretary of State for the Economy and Dr. Cornelius Grupp, owner of Glanzstoff Group.

The company, specialized in the conversion process of textile reinforcements required for the manufacturing of tires in Europe, currently employs 140 people.

“In order to better respond to the technological changes occurring within the tire industry and based on our willingness to differentiate ourselves from our global competitors, we have consistently developed and diversified our products and services offering. This also allowed us to offer new and increasingly innovative solutions to our customers”, explains Arnaud Closson, Managing Director. He adds, “the production site now generates almost 35% of its turnover with products that have been developed over the past three years. This has been made possible thanks to the continuous investments in our production facilities and in our research and development through close cooperation with our customers and external organizations, such as universities and technological institutes”.

The Glanzstoff Industries Group, based in Austria and owned by the German-Austrian entrepreneur Dr. Cornelius Grupp, is specialized in the manufacturing of textile reinforcements for technical usage, whose main application is the reinforcement of tires. The Group has three production sites in the Czech Republic, Italy and Luxembourg. The finished products are exported worldwide, mainly in Europe but also in North America, South America and Asia.

The products manufactured in the Glanzstoff’s plants are primarily intended for high-performance tires (high speed rating, “Run-flat” tires and racing tires), whether they are directed to the market of original equipment (tires fitted on new vehicles) or the replacement one. Thus, these products meet the highest requirements in terms of safety and performance, required by the automotive and tire industries.

These technical fabrics are made of viscose filaments, produced by the Group in Czech Republic’s, but also of synthetic filaments purchased from external suppliers. These filaments are then transformed into textile reinforcements through a conversion process divided into three major steps: twisting, weaving and dipping.

The plant in Luxembourg, Textilcord Steinfort SA, was established on July 7th, 1965, by the Belgian-American Uniroyal Englebert Group. The works that started in 1965, were completed in 1966 with the first deliveries of finished products in 1967. The plant was then integrated into the Continental AG company based in Germany, before being acquired in 1997 by the Austrian Group Glanzstoff under the holding CAG. This acquisition, which marks a major turning point for the Steinfort site, materializes the willingness of the Glanzstoff Group, specialised in the manufacture of industrial viscose filaments, to enter the downstream of the value chain and thus to deliver finished products directly to the tire manufacturers, while keeping a close eye on its environmental footprint.

“In a growing concern for sustainable development, Glanzstoff-Textilcord has led since 5 years now, projects to optimize the use of energy resources and thus limit our environmental footprint. These efforts enabled reductions of 40-50% of our electricity, gas and water consumption”, concludes Arnaud Closson.