I strongly supported and helped in the organization of “Game of Code – a Hackathon made in Luxembourg”, with Docler Holding and ITOne on April 2016 and 2017 at the Forum Geesseknappchen.

In order to support the Luxembourgish ICT ecosystem, attract new talents and position Luxembourg as a tech hub in Europe, this Hackathon will gather more than 300 developers and designers from all over Europe and have them compete as well as participate in other side activities.

The game is simple: 24hrs of coding based on web development will see the best European developers go head to head. The challenge, designed by Docler Holding, will be a skill-test where developers and designers will be asked to create an original application, a game or anything that can fit inside a web browser. “We are really proud to be part of the organisation of this Hackathon and we believe it is essential to provide a platform for developers and designers to get together and express themselves. We have called our challenge ‘Tree of Life’ as we propose developers to be ahead of predictions and imagine tomorrow’s web. We want developers and designers to use their imagination, carve illusion of life and experiment”, explains Marton Fulop, COO of Docler Holding.

The best coding team from Luxembourg will also be revealed at the end of this event after a pitching session on Sunday April 10th.

Organised in teams of 3-4, the IT talents will also have the opportunity to meet industry professionals in order to discuss their future ambitions and meet potential employers. “This competition is a way to answer the ongoing issue of attracting new ICT talents and an opportunity to show talents from all over Europe the main advantages Luxembourg can offer. We also invite all the developers from companies in Luxembourg to take part in this competition”, says Kamel Amroune, Partner of ITOne. He adds, “Having fun, relaxing, learning and networking are the main objectives of this event”.

For more information and to register: http://www.gameofcode.eu