AMCHAM Book – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Introduction to Digital Economy (e-commerce). Luxembourg has positioned itself in past years as a key player in the European Digital Economy by offering major advantages to digital businesses. Some of these advantages include:

  • A significant public investment in data center infrastructures.
  • The implementation of ultra-high bandwidth.
  • Advantageous electricity pricing.
  • The development of a strong information security ecosystem.

One of Luxembourg’s main competitive advantages is its size, which enables effective communication between public and private organizations. In addition, Luxembourg is a secure place to conduct business: It does not suffer from natural disasters and its economy shows impressive performance, even during economic downturns. The government endeavours to decrease the amount of bureaucracy and adopt a “business first” state-of-mind. Luxembourg ranked first in Europe and third worldwide by the International Chamber of Commerce’s “Open Market Index 2013”.

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